Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Palin Ponders Her Own Line of "Kristallnacht" Jewelry

World history expert Sarah Palin may endorse a brand new line of Kristallnacht jewelry, in the event she doesn't run for President in 2012. 

"'Kristallnacht' means 'night of a thousand sparklies', in Jewish or Deutschish, or some other language I haven't pissed on yet",  Palin explained to a room full of lamestream media.

While reading from her hand she went on to say,  "Kristallnacht will bling out your average Fox News viewer like it's 1939. Or wait. Does that say 1938? Damn it,  lamestream media! You keep sneaking in and wiping my hand with rubbing alcohol while I'm not looking!"

When pressed for further details, Palin would only coyly hint, "There might be a line of brown shirts in the works too!" - TJ