Monday, June 13, 2011

Drinking Game Rules for G.O.P. Presidential Debate in New Hampshire

What in the hell IS she smoking?

1) Puff, puff pass if a candidate favors legalizing marijuana. Follow up with a shot if you would start doing heroin once Ron Paul legalized it as President.

2) Drink once if  you can identify whatever the hell Michelle Bachmann  is smoking.

3) Make someone else drink if YOU are smoking whatever Michelle Bachmann is smoking.

4) Take a shot if a candidate pisses on American history.

5) Take two shots if a candidate runs on a platform of  withdrawing our country from the baseless wars. (Get your Jim Beam ready, bitches. This is New Hampshire). 

6) Finish your drink if a candidate demonizes gays, working mothers, immigrants, muslims or all those media folk that insist on perpetrating blood libel against Sarah Palin instead of offering real solutions. (It's going to be long night!) 

7) Drink once if a candidate supports making English the official language of the U.S.A. Follow that drink up with a shot if said candidate is himself a sexual neologism.