Sunday, December 12, 2010

Real or Satire? Randall Terry prophesies plague of raining plastic fetus dolls if House G.O.P does not meet demands.

Randall Terry, the bombastic leader of Operation Rescue and hypocritical proponent of so-called "family values", met with House Speaker-elect John Boehner and other G.O.P. members of the House of Representatives just days after the election.  In that meeting Terry prophesied a plague of raining plastic fetus dolls upon the House of Representatives if extreme demands such as defunding Planned Parenthood are not met.

In an appeal to his supporters he proclaimed, “They Must Fear Pro-Lifers!” Not surprisingly, the affluent Terry made an appeal for a large cash donation to fund such noble activities such as “PRAY, then film interviews, do our TV show from Capitol hill, preach as Hill staff enter, protest, PRAY again, humiliate women as they head into clinics for an abortion and knock them up all over again once they come back out.” -TJ

This is, in fact, satire. We have absolutely no idea what batshit nuts Randall Terry will do if the House GOP does not meet his demands, but we are absolutely sure he will piss away his supporters money in the process.